Successful marketing – what’s the secret?

The 4ps of marketing

No two marketing campaigns are the same – just as businesses are unique, so to must be the method used to promote them.

We’ve been designing and delivering campaigns for two decades and while the tools at our disposal remain the same, each project is tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements – those that hit objectives and drive commercial success are strategic, insight-led and targeted.

That said, they all have one thing in common – they’re developed with the 4 Ps in mind. A technique that ensures a strong foundation for success.

Product / Service

What do you offer to your audience and how does it differ from others in the marketplace? This is the opportunity to communicate features and benefits of your product and spell out what it is that makes you special.


Does the cost of your product/service match up with others in your field? If you’re cheaper, then put a focus on promoting quality. If you’re more expensive, communicate why you’re worth it.


Where can people find you? Determine the most appropriate channels for you to reach your audience and put your product/service under their nose.


Develop content and communication to grab the attention of your audience and generate sales. How can you amplify your messages to those that really matter? Are you using a blend of online and offline? Could direct marketing or outdoor advertising work? Only invest in what will make a difference.

This is just an introduction into the planning stages of creating a marketing campaign but only once the 4 Ps are defined can you confidently bring a product or service to market.

They’ll inform your overall brand, communication collateral and marketing materials, so it’s vital to consider these key factors when you are planning a new product launch, evaluating an existing product, or trying to optimise the sales of an existing product.

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