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At Maclaren Jones we love creating Magazines

The opportunities to sit down and really engage your customers are all too rare. No medium has the scope to unfold your story, absorb the reader quite like a well-crafted magazine. No one likes being ‘sold to’. Not even by a brand that customers may like or even love. But if you can offer an editorial experience that’s enjoyable and rewarding, you can take customers with you. At Maclaren Jones we have a deep experience of connecting brands to their customers, and potential customers, through creative publishing. The killer app of a magazine is the luxury of space. No other medium allows you to tell your story so fully. In the UK, print and digital magazines remain an incurable habit. In the paid-for sector, 94% of all adults regularly read magazines*. And 52% consume magazines digitally*. (*Latest stats from National Readership Survey). 

Maclaren Jones harness that passion.

Our work

We’ve enabled luxury car makers to dazzle their customers visually, and inspire them editorially. We’ve provided the platform for healthcare services to explain, de-mystify and reassure. We’ve made fashion sparkle, travel tantalise and lifestyle live. In every case, our starting point is always the brand: its strengths, challenges and goals. We have long experience in this space, marrying brand propositions with targeted content to create enduring relationships.

The result: publications that work.

Targeted and delivered

‘Magazines’ are different things to different readerships. We therefore offer a portfolio of services, designed to understand and then reach specific audiences with:

  • branded magazines
  • lifestyle magazines
  • B2B newsletters
  • sector specific magazines
  • customer newsletters
Branded Magazines

A magazine must be as true and faithful to your brand as your advertising or your website. Too often, you see branded publications being bent around to fit off-the-shelf content. This can only end in compromise, and in confused or mixed messaging for the reader. Our starting point is always your brand, and taking a lengthy period of looking and listening. We need to understand your brand as it is now, and where you want to take it. From there, we work with you to create a magazine in perfect sync with every other brand expression you create. (For example Inspirational Homes magazine for Redrow Homes)

Lifestyle Magazines

In a digital age, we are firm believers that there is still a vibrant role for print and, in particular, for high quality lifestyle printed magazines. No screens. No clicks. No technology. And indeed, no effort for your customers beyond picking up an alluring publication in front of them. Inside: an artful blend of reader-driven client messages and features, coupled with like-minded external content that mirrors the brand in other spheres and walks of life. The result is a seamless whole, and a powerful brand experience.

Customer Newsletters

There is still something special about a beautifully produced piece of print, featuring a subject that interests your customers, addressed and mailed to them personally. Relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain and refresh at the best of times. Increasingly, well produced and targeted newsletters can give you a point of difference, away from the blizzard of everyday spam.

B2B Newsletters

While some things are much better done online – product inventory, tech specs, reference material, prices – print remains a powerful medium to complement your digital presence.

Thought pieces, case studies, people profiles, news and events can all be given more life in professionally produced print. And when you think about it, what’s the one thing your customers spend all day looking at? A screen. Give them a welcome break and put some beautifully produced, absorbing print into their hands. They’ll thank you for it.

E+H Talkline European Newsletter
Sector Specific Magazines

Magazines can give you the chance to really stretch out and expand on a subject, in a way that the digital environment doesn’t always encourage. They create a perfect platform for vertical markets, such as cars, healthcare, food, travel – any subject where extended editorial, fully and even lavishly supported by expansive imagery, is welcomed or expected by the reader.

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