There’s more to marketing than good design and clever words.

At Maclaren Jones, we deliver both along with a big dose of brainpower that’s required to turn them into attention-grabbing, memorable campaigns that convert.

With experience across a variety of sectors from senior care to property and healthcare to travel we can quickly get to grips with your objectives and design smart solutions that put your message directly under the noses of your target audience.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach – if there was, life would be much simpler. Success requires strategy – a well-considered, creative approach that strengthens your brand, amplifies your USPs and ensures you remain one step ahead of competitors.

We’ve helped put products on the shelves of leading retailers. We’ve helped sell multi-million pound properties. We’ve created materials that inspire people to travel the globe.

What next? You tell us…

Campaign Marketing

If direct marketing is a megaphone, campaign marketing is an orchestra performance. It’s planned with precision and only when each and every equally important element works together is the desired outcome achieved.

We’ve got a proven track record of creating and delivering campaigns that tick all the boxes for our clients – they increase brand awareness, generate customer loyalty, attract prospects, retain employees – even win awards.

It’s this success that sees our clients sticking for years – trusting us to carefully craft their messaging and communicate with customers on a regular basis.

Direct Marketing

Investing in direct marketing is akin to giving your brand a megaphone and shouting through the letterboxes of your target audience. It allows you to communicate directly with those that matter and when done correctly, generate invaluable trust and loyalty.

It starts with taking a deep dive – getting under the skin of your audience to understand what makes them tick. What do they watch? What do they read? What makes them laugh? Where do they spend their money?

Only when you live and breathe your target market can you create powerful materials that resonate and ultimately – get your phones ringing.

Once the collateral is developed, we will help identify your target audience based on demographic data – identifying their age, gender, career, location and more – before  posting content to prospects.

We’ve generated a 19% uplift in enquiries for a healthcare client through a direct marketing door drop campaign.

Tessa Matthews

These are particularly gorgeous. Great job MJ!

(Nature Watch Campaign 2019)

Head of Marketing, brighterkind
Clare Bracken

You are amazing!! Dream team I love you 😉

(Happy Hub Campaign 2019)

Head of Brand, Four Seasons Health Care Group

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