Creating a website, how do we do it?

Creating a website - how do we do it?

A website is a business’ shop window and in an increasingly digital age, it’s likely to be the first encounter a prospect has with your brand.

First impressions count, so it pays to ensure your online image is the best it can be. But what’s the process and how can we help?

Step One – The Deep Dive

We never put pen to paper until we’re right under the skin of a new client. We need to know what you do, who your competitors are, what makes you different, where you want to be, what challenges you face, where exciting opportunities lie.

You may feel like there’s lots of questions to begin with but it’s all about understanding what makes you tick.

Step Two – The Creativity

Armed with all this knowledge, we create a website that perfectly represents your brand. It’s vital that it’s as functional as it is beautiful, as poor user experience and slow speeds are a major source of frustration for consumers.

Your website should give visitors exactly what they need – easily accessible information that answers all their questions, relevant visuals that entice and inspire and practical customer support options.

If you’re a new business, we can create a brand from scratch – taking into account how it translates across different channels including your website and beyond.

Step Three – Getting noticed

A fully responsive website essentially puts your business into the palm of your target market’s hand. People can access your site as they’re travelling, out and about, at work or at home – any time of day and night.

We’re experts in creating fully optimised websites that look beautiful and perform brilliantly, as well as developing marketing collateral that complements your brand and drives traffic to your site.

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