Rolls Royce national customer magazine


The objective

We were tasked with the creation and publishing of a new Rolls Royce national customer magazine after being shortlisted to the final two agencies to deliver this exciting project.

The requirement

Rolls Royce is a legendary brand with a rich history – but that’s not to say that customers’ perceptions reflect the full story.

The image of sumptuous luxury, exquisite leather and burr walnut is as true today as it ever has been. Today though, Rolls Royce stands for so much more – ground-breaking engineering, pulse-raising performance and a driving experience that’s second to none.

In a competitive market, a new magazine for Rolls Royce provided the opportunity to excite, inform and bring perceptions right up to speed.

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The editorial strategy

To accelerate the changing perception of Rolls Royce, the strategy was two-pronged:

To communicate the model range from the perspective of active drivers, rather than passive passengers

To deliver lifestyle content, chosen not simply because it is prestigious or luxurious, but because it reflects the brand attributes and character of Rolls-Royce

The editorial direction of the magazine needed to recognise that there is no ‘typical’ Rolls Royce aficionado or potential customer. Naturally, they’re high-net-worth individuals, but a buyer could be male or female – a young entrepreneur, a middle-aged driver in search of the ultimate comfort or an older, distinguished collector.

The new magazine also recognised that some readers look for short, sharp variety, while others will engage further with well-written, well-researched content on areas that enrich their lives.

Rolls Royce brings you life as it should be:
a world of contemporary super-luxury – in all its guises.

The execution

Just as a Rolls Royce grabs your attention as it drives towards you, this magazine needed to stand out physically, in terms of print quality and production values.

Unlike the traditional A4, we recommended a distinct and striking oversized perfect bound publication with all the bells and whistles – a heavy-weight front cover with a silver foiled and embossed masthead title, the epitome of luxury.

Exclusively for Rolls Royce owners, we proposed a case-bound ‘book’ edition which would be boxed and accompanied by a hand-signed letter by the CEO – a unique and special ‘thank you’ for their loyalty to the brand and unique reminder of the high-status club they’re a part of.

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